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Dr. Joseph Perlman offers IPL FotoFacial (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment to patients throughout Houston, including Spring, The Woodlands, Atascocita, Conroe, Pasadena, Baytown, and nearby areas.



Dr. Joseph Perlman offers intense pulsed light IPLFotoFacial to patients throughout Spring, Houston, The Woodlands, Atascocita, Conroe, Pasadena, Baytown, and the surrounding areas.

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Skin Rejuvenation

What Is IPLFotoFacial?

IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy provides a gentle and effective solution for improving mixed pigmentation, texture irregularities, and prominent blood vessels on the skin. At the Bellezza Skin Care Clinic, a part of the Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre, our certified aesthetician uses the patented IPLFotoFacial treatment to achieve a healthier and more youthful appearance for your skin.

Dr. Joseph M. Perlman was among the first plastic surgeons in the Houston area to introduce IPLFotoFacial to his patients. This treatment is highly beneficial for addressing facial redness, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and reducing wrinkles, all in one comprehensive treatment program. The results are often striking and noticeable.

At Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre, we are proud to offer our patients access to the VascuLight HR machine, a state-of-the-art equipment utilizing IPL technology—the advanced step beyond traditional laser therapy. Our services are available to patients from Spring, The Woodlands, Houston, and surrounding areas.

Am I a Good Candidate for IPLFotoFacial?

IPLFotoFacial is a safe, effective, and cost-friendly solution to address various skin issues. If you have any of the following concerns, you might be a suitable candidate for an IPLFotoFacial:

1. Large pores
2. Irregular skin texture
3. Vascular lesions
4. Pigmented lesions
5. Multicolored tattoos
6. Desire for hair reduction
7. Rosacea
8. Hyperpigmentation
9. Need for skin rejuvenation

If you are experiencing one or more of these skin conditions, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with the experienced medical team at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre. We will assess your unique situation and guide you in determining if IPLFotoFacial is the ideal solution for your skincare needs.

What Is the Process for an IPLFotoFacial?

IPLFotoFacial utilizes a filtered light beam that precisely penetrates the skin to target specific tissues such as blood vessels, pigment clusters, hair follicles, and sun-damaged skin. Different filter heads are used based on the target type, the patient’s skin color, and the treatment area. The targeted cells absorb the light, converting it into heat, which induces a localized reaction. IPLFotoFacial is generally well-tolerated, causing minimal discomfort and requiring no downtime. After the 30-minute procedure, patients typically experience softer and more vibrant skin.

To achieve optimal results for most conditions, a series of IPLFotoFacial treatments is recommended. Typically, a minimum of five IPLFotoFacial sessions should be scheduled, with each session spaced three to six weeks apart. This approach ensures the best outcome for our patients seeking treatment with IPLFotoFacial.

What Are IPLFotoFacial Costs?

At The Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre, Dr. Joseph Perlman offers IPLFotoFacial treatment to patients in Spring, Houston, The Woodlands, Atascocita, Conroe, Pasadena, and Baytown. Our experienced staff will provide you with detailed information about IPLFotoFacial prices during your initial consultation.

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of care and respect. Our goal is to ensure that you are well-informed about IPLFotoFacial, so you can confidently make the best decision for your skin care needs. Schedule a consultation with us today and experience our reputation for delivering meticulous and compassionate care. We look forward to helping you achieve healthier, more vibrant skin with IPLFotoFacial.


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At The Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre, Dr. Joseph Perlman offers IPLFotoFacial consultations to patients in Spring, Houston, The Woodlands, Atascocita, Conroe, Pasadena, and Baytown. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment and learn more about how IPLFotoFacial can help improve your skin’s appearance and address various skin concerns. We look forward to assisting you in achieving healthier and more radiant skin through our advanced IPLFotoFacial treatment.