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Combat Rosacea & Achieve Clear Skin: Effective Treatments in Spring, TX

Dr. Joseph Perlman offers rosacea treatment to patients in Houston and the surrounding areas. If you are dealing with the symptoms of rosacea such as redness and flushing, our skilled medical team can offer personalized treatment options to address your specific needs. Schedule a consultation with us today to discover the best approach to alleviate the effects of rosacea and improve your skin’s appearance and comfort.


Combat Rosacea & Achieve Clear Skin: Effective Treatments in Spring, TX

Dr. Joseph Perlman offers rosacea treatment to patients throughout Spring, Houston, The Woodlands, Atascocita, Conroe, Pasadena, Baytown, and the surrounding areas.

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Rosacea Treatment in Houston, TX

Rosacea is a skin condition characterized by facial flushing and redness, which can be exacerbated by sun exposure in Texas. At Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre in Houston, we understand that rosacea patients may also experience acne, enlarged oil glands, and visible facial blood vessels, particularly around the nose and cheeks.

Our approach to rosacea treatment focuses on reducing inflammation, redness, and preventing further sun damage. We utilize intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy as the cornerstone of treatment, along with topical anti-inflammatory creams and daily sunscreen as part of the skincare regimen.

With IPL therapy, our aesthetician, Marina Lopez, uses the patented IPL FotoFacial procedure, which offers a gentle and effective solution for addressing the symptoms of rosacea, especially prominent blood vessels. The treatment is well-tolerated with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

Patients from Houston and surrounding areas, including Spring and The Woodlands, have found relief from this often-embarrassing skin condition through the rosacea treatment provided at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre. Our compassionate and experienced staff is dedicated to helping patients achieve healthier, clearer skin.

Am I a Good Candidate for Rosacea Treatment?

Rosacea is a prevalent skin condition affecting many men and women in the Houston area, with approximately 14 million Americans affected, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. It is more commonly seen in adults between the ages of 30 and 50 with lighter skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes, but it can affect individuals of all skin and hair types, including children and adults.

Due to its facial swelling and redness, rosacea may be mistaken for other skin conditions such as sunburn or acne, making an accurate diagnosis crucial. Once diagnosed, patients generally qualify for rosacea treatment. However, it’s essential to understand that IPL procedures cannot cure rosacea; they only work to minimize its effects. At Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre, we are dedicated to providing effective rosacea treatment options to help our patients manage the condition and achieve healthier, clearer skin.

What Is the Process for Rosacea Treatment?

Before undergoing a full rosacea treatment, your specialist may conduct a test patch to ensure your skin reacts well to IPL. During the procedure, high-energy pulses of light will be delivered to your skin through a small handpiece. These bright flashes target and close down the blood vessels and capillaries responsible for flushing and a red-faced appearance. Throughout the rosacea treatment, you will be provided with protective eyewear to ensure your safety.

Following the procedure, you can expect your skin to feel soft and vibrant, resulting in a healthier and more youthful appearance. Many individuals from our Houston community have already experienced the benefits of this treatment at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre. Our dedicated team is eager to assist you in enhancing your appearance and regaining confidence through our effective rosacea treatment.

What are the causes of flare-ups?

The exact cause of rosacea remains unknown, but researchers are exploring the role of proteins like cytokines, which may trigger inflammation due to an immune system overreaction. Ongoing research is focused on understanding the skin’s response during a rosacea episode, with the aim of developing future treatments that can effectively manage cytokines and reduce inflammation.

Certain factors may increase the likelihood of developing rosacea. Environmental and lifestyle factors, such as consuming spicy and hot foods, exposure to changes in temperature, saunas, vigorous exercise, alcohol consumption, sunlight exposure, stress, and the use of corticosteroids, are potential triggers for rosacea flare-ups. Additionally, certain medications, particularly those that dilate blood vessels like some blood pressure medications, could also contribute to rosacea symptoms.

Managing Rosacea

Managing rosacea can be achieved through various approaches. One of the simplest ways is to use sunscreen consistently, not only during the summer but throughout the entire year. Sunscreen helps protect the skin from UV rays, which can trigger rosacea symptoms.

For inflammation control, doctors often prescribe antibiotics to help manage rosacea symptoms. Medications like tetracycline, metronidazole, and doxycycline are commonly prescribed for this purpose. In severe cases, a dermatologist may recommend oral medications in combination with topical treatments to effectively manage and control rosacea. Isotretinoin, a potent medication with potential side effects, may be prescribed for very severe rosacea cases. It is important to follow your dermatologist’s recommendations and monitor any potential side effects closely during treatment.

Chemical Peels for Rosacea

Is the condition common?

A recent study revealed that rosacea affects an estimated 300 million people globally, making it a highly prevalent and common condition.

Is it like acne?

While in the past, rosacea was mistakenly categorized as a form of acne, modern medical understanding has established that it is a distinct condition separate from acne.

Is there a cure?

While rosacea cannot be cured completely, it can be effectively managed and improved both medically and cosmetically. Medical treatments, such as topical or oral medications, can help control inflammation and reduce the symptoms of rosacea. Additionally, cosmetic treatments like intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy can minimize visible blood vessels and redness, providing aesthetic improvements. With proper management and care, individuals with rosacea can experience significant relief from their symptoms and achieve a better quality of life.

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