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Remember those days when you could wear anything and not have to worry about spider veins showing?

There was something so positively delightful about confidently strutting your legs at the pool or anywhere else for that matter.

However, over time, spider veins have a sneaky way of changing how we dress and shooting down our confidence. Don’t let another day come and go hiding under long pants or coverups, or missing out on the perfect beach day.

Who Gets Spider Veins

Spider veins are most common as you get older and women tend to get them more often than men. Although sunlight can cause broken blood vessels on the face, spider veins are most common on the legs.

There are many factors that contribute to the appearance of spider veins including:

Today you are going to learn simple ways to get rid of, slow down, or even prevent spider veins, for smooth beautiful legs.

Get Into the Action

Good circulation is the mortal enemy of spider veins. Why? Spider veins emerge because veins become weak over time causing the blood to pool. Exercising regularly attacks two of the key causes of spider veins. It improves blood circulation and also lowers your blood pressure.

Having trouble finding the motivation to stick to an exercise regimen? Join a local Zumba class or search for fun things to do locally like hiking, dance lessons, barre, or a number of activities that get you to move.

If you are an exercise newbie or you are recovering from an injury, always consult a physician before jumping into a new exercise routine.

Eat Like a Champ

There is no reason to give up foods you enjoy while trying to reduce spider veins. The key is to find anti-inflammatory foods and foods high in anti-oxidants you enjoy and get rid of foods that don’t help your body naturally heal itself. For example, instead of snacking on a bag of potato chips, grab a handful of almonds or pistachio nuts.

Your body can use high-potassium foods to halt water retention and strengthen weak veins. Leafy greens and salmon are high in potassium just like almonds.

Elevate Your Legs

Spider veins tell us a lot about your body. It’s evidence of poor circulation. Don’t worry, there are things you can do today to start living a healthier life. Next time, you’re hanging out on the couch catching up on your favorite show, keep your legs elevated. Aim for at least the same height as your heart.

This slight adjustment can do wonders for swelling, as well as, discoloration. What you’re effectively doing is giving your body a helping hand. Your veins are having a tough time working the blood back up your legs. Not to mention, they are also fighting against the pull of gravity. Elevating your legs, at least, takes gravity and the pressure off of your veins so they can do their job.

Spider Veins Aesthetic Approaches

If you already have considerable veins showing, find a medical professional you can trust. If you are sick and tired of hiding your veins behind clothes and makeup then it’s time to work with a medical professional. Feel free to shop around and hear all about your options before you choose.

Not all physicians are the same. For instance, some medispa offers laser treatments to address spider veins while others may use sclerotherapy.

As a vein specialists, we make it our mission to stay on the cutting edge of the advances in medical technology, so we can ensure that our clients will fall in love with their results.

Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre offers two tested and proven treatments to reduce spider veins in the most common problem areas such as the legs, face, and neck.


Spider veins come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. VeinGogh is ideal for women who suffer from telangiectasia. These are the thin veins that tangle on your face and legs. VeinGogh is also incredibly effective at fading the appearance of “cherry angiomas,” small red blemishes caused by broken blood vessels.

How quickly are results visible?

Because VeinGogh is minimally invasive, it’s a speedy treatment with almost no downtime. You can start flaunting your flawless skin as early as a couple of days after the treatment. Our clients also love watching their skin continue to improve for several weeks.


Women have been trusting sclerotherapy to treat their spider veins since the 1930s. It is the most effective form of spider vein treatment in the country. Just how popular is sclerotherapy? There are almost half a million people choosing sclerotherapy every year. Clients can expect the entire session to be pretty quick; anywhere from 20 – 30 minutes.

How quickly are results visible?

Your results depend on factors like health, medical conditions, lifestyle, and level of activity. If you want incredible results, then plan on getting anywhere from 4 to 6 treatments.

Feel Confident Year Round

You deserve to look and feel confident every day. You have nothing to lose other than those unsightly spider veins that are killing your “mojo”.

If you need help deciding what option is best for you, give us a call at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre in Houston. We can walk you through your options so you can have amazing results.