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Dr. Joseph Perlman offers breast reconstruction to patients in Houston and the surrounding areas.

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Dr. Joseph Perlman offers breast reconstruction to patients throughout Spring, Houston, The Woodlands, Atascocita, Conroe, Pasadena, Baytown, and the surrounding areas.

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What Is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is an immensely rewarding surgical procedure, especially for those who have undergone breast removal due to cancer or other diseases. Thanks to advancements in medical techniques and devices, breast reconstruction surgeons can create a breast that closely resembles a natural breast in form and appearance. In many cases, reconstruction can be performed immediately following breast removal (mastectomy), allowing the patient to wake up with a breast mound already in place, sparing them the emotional experience of seeing themselves with no breast at all.

At Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre, Dr. Joseph M. Perlman and his staff have witnessed how breast reconstruction has positively transformed the lives of countless women. For the past 25 years, Dr. Perlman has been providing compassionate, high-quality care to residents of the Houston area, including Spring and The Woodlands.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction patients typically have experienced breast loss, either through mastectomy (complete breast removal) or lumpectomy (partial breast removal), and seek to restore their chest to a more normal shape, size, and appearance. This procedure aims to recapture a woman’s feminine figure and create a more balanced breast line.

Many breast reconstruction candidates fall into the following categories:

1. They are mastectomy patients who are suitable for reconstruction, often opting for simultaneous breast removal and reconstruction.
2. Women whose cancer appears to have been eliminated through mastectomy.

If you are considering breast reconstruction, Dr. Perlman warmly invites you to schedule a consultation with him to discuss your case. He takes great pride in assisting women to regain their feminine silhouette after breast loss due to cancer or other diseases. Dr. Perlman’s skills have positively impacted the lives of women throughout Houston, including Spring and The Woodlands, and he looks forward to supporting you on your journey as well.

What Is the Process for Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction typically necessitates general anesthesia or intravenous sedation and can last anywhere from one to six hours, depending on the complexity of the procedure. You have the option to undergo the operation at the same time as a mastectomy or lumpectomy, or you can choose to have it performed at a later time.

Several methods can be used to create a new breast:

1. Flap techniques: These are employed when there is insufficient tissue on the chest wall to support a breast implant. The procedure involves taking muscle, fat, and skin from another part of the body to form or cover the breast mound. Various flap techniques exist, utilizing tissue from the abdomen or back, among other areas.

2. Tissue expansion: This technique involves placing an expander beneath healthy skin to stretch it gradually and create coverage for a breast implant. The expander is filled up over several months using an internal valve.

3. Breast implant: Saline- or silicone-filled implants may be used as an addition or an alternative to flap techniques. Breast reconstruction with an implant alone often requires tissue expansion.

The final step of breast reconstruction involves reconstructing the nipple and areola, which can be accomplished through grafting or specialized techniques.

Dr. Perlman will provide a detailed explanation of the different techniques and guide you towards the most suitable breast reconstruction method for your specific case. He and the medical team at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre aim to ensure you are well-informed, comfortable, and satisfied with your decision.

What Does Recovery Entail After Breast Reconstruction?

After your breast reconstruction surgery, you will be required to wear an elastic bandage or support bra for several weeks. This helps reduce swelling and provides support to the reconstructed breast. You may experience some discomfort, swelling, bruising, and tenderness after the procedure, but these should start to subside within a week. Numbness in the breast tissue is also common and may last for several months following the reconstruction. Most patients undergoing breast reconstruction in Spring can expect to return to work within three to five weeks.

Post-surgery care is crucial for proper healing, and the staff at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre will be there to assist you throughout the process. A series of follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your progress after breast reconstruction, and we will be available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Can I See Breast Reconstruction Before and After Photos?

If you are contemplating breast reconstruction, it is highly beneficial to observe the positive outcomes experienced by other residents of the Houston area. Taking the time to review various breast reconstruction before and after pictures can provide valuable visual insights into the effects of the procedure. These images showcase women from various regions, including Spring, Houston, and The Woodlands.

An excellent place to begin your visual exploration is Dr. Perlman’s collection of breast reconstruction before and after photos. He will gladly share these images with you during your initial consultation, allowing you to gain a better understanding of the potential results and make informed decisions about your own breast reconstruction journey.

How Much Does Breast Reconstruction Cost?

The cost of breast reconstruction in the Houston area can vary significantly, depending on factors such as the use of donor tissue or breast implants. However, unlike cosmetic breast implants or breast enlargement procedures, breast reconstruction costs are often covered by insurance.

For more detailed information about pricing and payment options, it is advisable to have a discussion with Dr. Perlman and his staff. They will be happy to provide you with specific details regarding breast reconstruction prices during your scheduled appointment. If you are interested in learning more about payment options, please visit our finance page for additional information.

Recovery and Results

Following breast reconstruction, many women may experience initial discomfort, including swelling and bruising, as well as potential discomfort at the donor site if a flap reconstruction was performed. Immediate changes in the appearance of the breasts will be noticeable after the surgery. However, as the healing process progresses over the following weeks and months, the final results will gradually become apparent.

Breast reconstruction at the Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre aims to help restore a sense of wholeness for patients, as they work together with the medical team toward achieving a beautiful and balanced result.

Learn About Your Breast Reconstruction Tampa Bay Options And Improve Your Quality Of Life

Women who experience the loss of a breast due to breast cancer treatment often face substantial psychological consequences. The impact of such a loss can lead to feelings of low self-esteem, a sense of incompleteness, and a belief that they are no longer physically attractive. However, breast reconstruction surgery, whether performed immediately after a mastectomy or at a later time, can play a vital role in restoring confidence and self-worth.

Breast reconstruction offers a way for these women to regain a sense of wholeness and feel more like themselves again. By restoring the appearance of the breasts, it can significantly improve their overall well-being and emotional outlook. It can be a transformative journey that helps women overcome the emotional challenges that often accompany breast cancer treatment.

Breast Reconstruction Key Benefits

Brings balance and proportion back to a woman’s body.

After undergoing a mastectomy, a woman may experience a sense of imbalance and loss of her feminine contour. Breast reconstruction can play a crucial role in restoring balance to her appearance, allowing her to feel more comfortable in clothing and bathing suits once again. By recreating the shape and form of the breasts, breast reconstruction can help women regain their self-confidence and feel more at ease with their body after a mastectomy. It can be a significant step in the emotional healing process, allowing women to reclaim their sense of femininity and body image.

Restores a woman’s sense of self-confidence and self-esteem.

The breasts play a crucial role in a woman’s sense of femininity, and losing them due to breast cancer can have a profound impact on her self-confidence and self-esteem. Breast reconstruction serves as a vital step in the healing process, offering women an opportunity to regain what they have lost and restore their sense of wholeness. By recreating the appearance of the breasts, breast reconstruction can significantly boost a woman’s self-confidence and help her move forward after the challenges of breast cancer. It can be a transformative experience that empowers women to embrace their bodies once again and rebuild their lives with renewed self-assurance.

Provides dramatic and permanent results

Breast reconstruction surgery, whether utilizing synthetic implants or the woman’s own tissue, delivers natural results that instill confidence in her appearance. These procedures also offer long-lasting, even permanent outcomes for most women, eliminating the necessity for further surgeries in the future.

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