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Reclaim Your Confidence: Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Spring, TX by Dr. Perlman

Dr. Joseph Perlman offers male breast reduction (gynecomastia) to patients in Houston and the surrounding areas.

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What is Male Breast Reduction?

Gynecomastia is a condition that causes overdeveloped breasts in men. It can affect males of all ages, with onset occurring either at birth or during puberty. Additionally, enlarged male breasts can result from excess weight or stubborn fat deposits after substantial weight loss. Living with enlarged breasts can lead to feelings of diminished masculinity and harsh judgments from others. If you are a man dealing with this concern, Dr. Perlman offers male breast reduction to eliminate excess skin and fat, sculpting your chest for a more confident and improved appearance.

Am I a Good Candidate for Male Breast Reduction?

During your consultation with Dr. Perlman, he will carefully examine your breasts and have a discussion with you about your objectives for male breast reduction. Generally, Dr. Perlman advises male breast reduction for individuals who are in good overall health and maintain an optimal weight. It is essential that the breasts are fully developed, and age can be a factor in this decision. If you have attempted other methods to address the issue of enlarged breasts without satisfactory results, male breast reduction may be a suitable option for you. Dr. Perlman will assess your unique situation and provide professional guidance to help you achieve your desired outcome.

What is the Process for Male Breast Reduction?

In certain cases, Dr. Perlman might suggest liposuction as the sole procedure to reduce the size of your breasts. However, for men with more substantial breast enlargement, surgery is typically recommended, and liposuction may be performed in combination with the surgical procedure. Male breast reduction surgery necessitates the use of general anesthesia to ensure your comfort during the process. Dr. Perlman makes a football-shaped incision around the areola and proceeds to eliminate the excess skin and fat. To achieve a more natural appearance, he may reposition your areola, and liposuction may be utilized to enhance the natural contours of your chest. Once Dr. Perlman is content with the results, he closes the incisions.

What Does Recovery Entail After Male Breast Reduction?

During your recovery period, it may be necessary for you to wear a specialized compression bandage to aid in proper tissue healing. Typically, male breast reduction patients are advised to rest for a minimum of one week following the surgery, which entails refraining from all activities and taking time off from work or school. Engaging in exercise and other physically demanding activities should be avoided for at least one month. Some discomfort may be experienced after the male breast reduction, and Dr. Perlman may prescribe pain medications or suggest over-the-counter treatments. He will closely monitor your progress through follow-up appointments to ensure a smooth recovery process.

How Much Does Male Breast Reduction Cost?

Male breast reduction, like all our cosmetic procedures, is tailored to each individual’s unique needs and preferences. After your consultation with Dr. Perlman, you will receive a detailed cost estimate for your specific male breast reduction procedure. Additionally, Dr. Perlman offers finance options to accommodate our patients’ needs.

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