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“Laughter is the best medicine” is an overly used phrase that suggests laughter does miracles for our illnesses. Indeed, cracking up and giggling is the best medicine that this world has to offer against stress, tension, and discomfort. And in a world where nothing is free, laughter is a welcome alternative to expensive medications and costly therapy treatments.

Science has confirmed it. Laughing helps relieve stress and tension, lowers blood pressure, alleviates heart conditions, improves the immune system, and makes one feel and look young.

Laughter tends to distract the mind away from negativity. Depression, tension, and stress are some of these negative factors that attract various illnesses. Through laughter, we can ward off heart trouble, mental imbalance, and other diseases.

Chuckling, snickering or giggling also promotes healthy blood circulation because it expands the blood vessels. This is exactly the opposite of what happens when we get stressed out. Blood flow increases by nearly 20 percent every time we express amusement compared to a dip of 35 percent when we get tense.

Here’s another reason why we should get our daily dose of the chuckles: Laughter fights off the risk of developing mental disorders. In addition, laughter can help you avoid asthma, diabetes, and even obesity. Many people with physical impediments find laughter a wonderful substitute to exercise and very beneficial for their well-being. Fifteen minutes of laughter can burn up to forty calories.

Lastly, frequent laughter makes you look and feel young. More importantly, it can instill positive thinking and happiness.